Maternal Gynerations’ full range of ultrasound technology provides our patients with the latest in non-invasive and comprehensive testing. Ultrasounds are useful for a number of conditions and procedures, and, whatever your needs, we have the diagnostic resources to suit your health.


3D/4D Elective Ultrasounds

The anticipated joy of motherhood is enough to get any new mom excited about meeting her sweet baby. With cutting-edge 3D and 4D technology, you can experience the miracle of your precious little one before he or she is born. We are proud to share in the experience of getting to see your baby’s face with our 3D and 4D elective ultrasound packages. Just like your obstetric ultrasounds, these elective ultrasounds are performed in our offices by our highly trained sonographers. Call us to learn more and schedule your appointment to get a sneak peek at your little bundle of joy – you do not have to be a Maternal Gynerations patient to schedule these ultrasounds.

3D-4D Packages

Obstetric Imaging

Our experienced sonographers perform ultrasounds in our offices beginning typically around 8 to 10 weeks into your pregnancy. This non-invasive procedure allows us to monitor your unborn baby and gives you a detailed look at your baby’s development. Obstetrical ultrasounds are useful tests to determine due date, fetal heart rate, muscle tone, amniotic fluid levels, fetal growth, overall well-being and, of course, gender. Women identified as having a high-risk pregnancy may require further monitoring through 3D ultrasound, which is also offered in our offices.

Gynecological Diagnostic Imaging

We offer our patients a number of ultrasound procedures that can determine the causes of gynecological issues, including, but not limited to, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain and discomfort. These procedures give our physicians a complete look at your health situation.

  • FemVue

    The FemVue represents the latest in cutting-edge ultrasound technology and is used to evaluate the fallopian tubes in women experiencing infertility. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we perform this procedure in the comfort of our office.

  • Sonohystogram

    A sonohystogram is a diagnostic ultrasound of the uterus. This procedure helps our physicians diagnose unexplained uterine bleeding. By examining the shape of the uterus, and its endometrial lining, we are able to develop a clear and concise understanding of potential causes of each patient’s symptoms.

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