Breast health is vital to every woman’s overall health, therefore regular mammograms are important in the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Our ONsite mammography department provides state-of-the-art 3D breast imaging to keep you on top of any potential issues and fully-informed of your health. Our board-certified gynecologists and technicians not only provide you with prompt and thorough health information, but also ensure you are comfortable and in complete understanding of any development in your health. Our mammography services include:


3D Tomosynthesis

This high-resolution mammography allows our patients access to the latest technology while also minimizing their exposure to radiation. Providing limited angle tempography, the 3D Tomosynthesis reduces the number of images needed for a comprehensive mammography exam. This offers a number of benefits for patients of Maternal Gynerations, including:

  • Reduced exposure to X-Rays
  • Decreased need for additional tests
  • Improved ability to detect early breast cancers

Risk Assessment Program

Our patients also benefit from a personalized breast cancer risk assessment, which determines each individual patient’s overall risk of developing breast cancer. The program includes genetic risk factors, as well as potentially modifiable risk factors such lifestyle and environmental factors. When completed, it provides our doctors with a comprehensive picture of each patient and identifies those at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This allows to create a personalized plan of care. For our your convenience it may be completed as a web consultation on a computer or mobile device.

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