We understand conception can be more difficult than many people realize. It can take time, but if you are unable to conceive on your own, our board-certified gynecologists are here to walk through the process with you providing sound medical advice and firm emotional support. There are many issues that can contribute to infertility in women and men, and we are here to help you attain your goal of becoming parents with a variety of infertility services.


Ovarian Assessment Report

All Maternal Gynerations patients may receive a comprehensive ovarian assessment performed by Shana-kae Davis Chance, MSN, WHNP-BC, RNC-OB, to help determine a patient’s fertility or future need for fertility treatment. In our on-site lab, we take a single blood sample to assess your egg supply and other possible fertility complications. This can also help to determine the most appropriate course of action for you and your partner. We utilize the vast resources and knowledge of ReproSource, to help us make the most informed decisions for our patients struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss.


The FemVue represents the latest in cutting-edge ultrasound technology. This procedure examines the fallopian tubes in order to determine that if they are open and working correctly — supplying eggs to the uterus for fertilization. The FemVue encompasses a 10 to 15 minute scan, which is both minimally-invasive and easily completed in the comfort of our offices. The FemVue replaces the X-Ray procedure of the Hysterosalpingography, eliminating the need for exposure to X-Rays and shortening visit time and hospital copays.

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