Weight Management

We understand that having help and support to meet your weight management goals is critical to your success. That is why we offer weight counseling and management to any patient in need. Our safe and effective dietary and medical solutions can provide you the support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.


Our nurse practitioner, Josephine Brinkley, WHNP, will sit down with you and review your current health situation. During this consultation we develop a personalized and comprehensive plan to get you on track to your ultimate health goals. We support you every step of the way, tracking your successes and providing both a sounding board and program structure to get you to where you want to be.

Medication Management Solutions

If you require significant weight loss or need a more immediate route to results, our physicians can provide you with a variety of effective medical weight loss options. Whether via oral medication (Phentermine) or through an injection (Saxenda), we will find what works best for you and help you take control of the weight loss process.

Dietary Modifications

Sometimes all you need is direction and a guiding hand to get on track to better health. If that is the case for you, we are happy to offer a diet plan tailored to your needs that includes your recommended caloric intake and an exercise and meal plan designed to meet your caloric needs. Our plan is physician-led and monitored and is designed to get you exactly where you want to be.

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